In search of the natural beneath - skin, soil, planet (08°N, 78°N, 23°S) 

‘Wild Within’ is a place to connect with some of the last remaining wild and remote parts of our planet and enter into a world of social and ecological discourse through them.

New commissions have been developed as a result of a series of residencies across distinct biomes, where artists focus on what it means to be human in our global age, from the Arctic Circle to South and Central American Tropic and Desert regions.

The exhibition seeks to explore the complexities and chaotic systems of natural and cultural diversity and how they connect. By shifting physical and cultural perspectives we are in turn able to reflect anew on our own communities, habitats and ourselves.

Combining more than 50 international artists and working in collaboration with indigenous groups, the purpose of this show is to explore ideas of connection, relationships and interdependence between cities and natural environments.

Works will morph together into one living, breathing organism made up of tactile natural and constructed matter, engulfing printed textures and teleporting sonic compositions, in a variety of conceptual and interdisciplinary outcomes. From revolutionary talks with indigenous leaders of impenetrable tropical forests, to musical improvisations with sounds of the driest mars-like climate on earth - we will unleash the hidden depths and powers of the natural world.

We wish to investigate and articulate the ever pressing importance and correspondence of cultural and natural diversity, for our souls and imaginations, to our health and habitats in light of an environmental crisis that threatens our very existence. To include global perspectives in pursuit of more collective, ecologically and socially conscious ways of being, to build a more sustainable future for all.



La Wayaka Current is an artist-led initiative. Our main focus is to develop ways to engage people with environmental and philosophical questions of our time through self-reflection, arts and culture.

We are reacting to an increased loss of connection between humans and the natural world and the corresponding globalised socio-political and environmental problems that have arisen due to this distancing. We are reconnecting to remote natural environments to develop new perspectives through site-responsive creative practice.

Since 2015, we have developed site-responsive projects across our planet, to transmit into public exhibitions.

Itinerant in our nature we lead expeditions for people to develop projects in vast natural environments. Here we develop fluid programs with local communities and partners, connecting to indigenous + ecological knowledge. We relate and connect to the daily life and reality of a place, to engage with relevant issues of our time.

We operate as a non-profit registered in England and Wales with company number 09802950.