+ What is La Wayaka Current?

La Wayaka Current is an artist-led initiative with remote bases in wild natural environments globally, set up for creative research, exchange and development of new and experimental works.

We are driven and dedicated to explore environmental + social concerns of our time through the outlets of contemporary arts and culture through specific sites.

+ What are we reacting to?

We are reacting to the increasing loss of connection to the natural world along with the loss of community and collectiveness within our societies, that is forcing our planet and species to a catastrophic future.

+ What do we do?

We create bridges that connect people to remote, endangered parts of our planet, ecology + cultural diversity, in order build dialogues, awareness and evoke personal transformations through exchange, culture + arts, shifting perspectives for our collective future.

+ Where does the name come from?

Our name comes from an extinct pre-colombian language of meso-america, a language that formed the basis of many indigenous languages of the americas - the word, wayak that no longer has a meaning in todays world, was used to describe a world of visions, dreams + magic, intrinsically connected to nature.

We believe when reflecting on the current socio-political and environmental condition through travel, exchange, art + culture it is important to look back to the past, shed light on history and rediscover things lost through a darkness of genocide and ecological destruction, in order to gain greater awareness for the future.

+ How does our presence impact local communities?

Our presence is always non-invasive and low impact, both environmentally towards the local nature and towards the people and way of life within communities.

After spending time and getting to know leaders and people within the local communities we work with, we develop ways of collaborating together, offering both human and economic benefits that contribute to empowering people in indigenous + rural communities and spread their messages globally. We listen, learn and exchange on equal grounds with mutual respect.

+ Why we select remote locations?

Our locations are selected in order to reconnect deeply to nature personally and creatively. Communities we work with often have different outlooks towards the world and specialist knowledge of nature due to their proximity and dependence on it. There is a direct link between the loss of cultural diversity and the loss of biodiversity, where Indigenous culture still exists there is a corresponding enclave of biodiversity.

+ Why art?

Art, literature, music and other forms of creative expression are important ways for communicating openly over forms of repression within society, discovering things through making and proposing progressive new ways of thinking.

This is a vital opportunity for artists to develop, reflect on radical new ways to better our contemporary situation through creative research and projects.

+ What makes us different?

We are searching for something beyond the conventional framework of existing institutions, galleries and studio spaces. we offer an extremely unique experience and place to contemplate and create artistically.

We hope this new context will ignite new ways to approaching art; both in methodologies and conceiving art. Our intent is to find new solutions, think in new radical ways and foster deep artistic, cultural and personal growth through these encounters.

+ How did this begin?

The project was founded in 2015 by musician and composer from south america + artist from Norway - UK after meeting in South America. After a year of remote, intuitive travel and research across south and central america, they formed relationships in rural places and with indigenous communities who wished to collaborate in bringing attention to their home + culture on a global scale, spreading their knowledge to others and building a project that could contribute on local levels within the community as well as globally to spread awareness.

In 2016 our first base tropic 08 N was launched in collaboration with an indigenous community in guna yala, panama. in 2017 arctic 78 N, norway and desert 23 S, chile were set up as corresponding locations to work, connecting the project to contrasting regions working in partnershp with local communities and organisations.

+ How is the project funded?

We are a non-profit entity that receives no consistent funding. The costs of programs are covered either by the participant through private or public funding with financial aid that we offer.

We offer support to successful applicants who do not have the means to support themselves in applying for funds from institutions world wide and offer further financial support in specific cases with support from public funding.