Artist-led expeditions into one of the driest places on earth with indigenous culture and ecology. Reconnect to nature learn from indigenous knowledge and explore pressing issues of our time.


Program Overview:

Desert 23°S (Atacama, Chile) presents a rare opportunity to research and develop new artistic & creative practices in one of the driest environments on our planet within an indigenous community inside a national nature reserve of diverse flora and fauna. This otherworldly region closer resembles the surface of Mars than Earth, offers the most optimal conditions for astronomical observations in the world and preserves ancient archeology beneath the sands. Within the dry landscape, lives an unbelievably diverse and rich ecosystem that remains due to the knowledge of indigenous groups who fight to protect the area from exploitative, water-intensive extraction and mining.

Our fluid, site-responsive program introduces creatives to the local ecology and culture as well as contemporary socio-political issues and historical contexts of the area, whilst presenting reciprocal benefits for local communities both socially + economically through our presence and exchange. 

We cultivate spaces that nourish and encourage space for personal and professional growth, the freedom to learn and experiment creatively, gather and find new inspiration in a remote, vast place far from structural or institutional frameworks and limitations. Though this program we engage with new ecological and cultural perspectives of our time in a multitude of ways, as well as promoting necessary dialogues and understanding between remote areas of this planet to others worldwide.  

Funds generated from our on the ground expeditions go to sustain the project, the workers involved and into the remote communities we share with, supporting infrastructure, community, outreach and conservation of remote places. We currently offer the possibility of partial financial aid on all our programs.


Project Documentation:



We run a series of rolling deadlines in the period upcoming to our programs. Decisions on applications take between 10-15 days after the deadlines.

  • 20.08.2019

  • 20.09.2019

  • 20.10.2019

Program Duration and Dates

Applications are currently open to join for 3 weeks minimum between March 8 - Nov 15, 2019 during the following time periods:


  • Aug 30 - Sept 20, 2019

  • Sept 27 - Oct 18, 2019

  • Oct 25 - Nov 15, 2019

  • Nov 20 - Dec 11, 2019


  • March 3 - March 24, 2020

  • June 10 - July 1, 2020

  • Sept 4 - Sept 25, 2020

  • Oct 5 - Oct 26, 2020


What's Included:

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+ Room

Participants will live together in a shared house in a small desert oasis sheltered from the vast desert, within an indigenous community inside the national nature reserve of flamencos. Rooms will be shared between 2-3 (private rooms may also be available on request prior to arrival) bedding will be provided.

+ Food / Water

Participants will be given food supplies during their stay. Safe drinking water will be available to participants during their stay.

+ Working Space

We are open to cross-disciplinary applications spanning arts, creative and other fields. Create in an outdoor, communal and diverse workspace connected to the desert oasis ecology. Participants will be encouraged to use the outdoor environment as their day to day workspace or studio. Aside from this a communal outdoor working area with tables and chairs will be available to use.

Participants are encouraged to be resourceful and work with local methods, materials, basic tools and equipment within the community and isolated natural environment.

+ Program

A curated program with opportunities to interact and learn from locals about culture, politics + ecology of the desert environment.

+ Particiant Resources

Access all the resources you need beforehand to get the most out the experience, including advice on planning the trip, how / where to book and arrange your travel international + local, health and safety advice + more.

+ Location Support

Participants will have a network of support throughout the duration of your stay from both English speaking guides, experienced in fields of art + cultural subjects, often involving knowledgable local guides from the area.

+ Local Transfers

Welcome on arrival with english speaking guides offering assistance, with a specially arranged transfer via road on landing into our supportive base in the vast Atacama desert.

+ Research Trips

Experience the open, everchanging otherworldliness of the Atacama desert through National Parks protected by indigenous communties, and gather information to inspire works in a creative group environment, through our curated research trips focussing on desert ecology, communities + local culture with both local and english speaking guides experienced in fields of arts + cultural subjects.

+ Activities

Take part in an array of interesting on-location activities that will introduce participants to the local ecology, history, contemporary threats to sustainability, farming + culture within the desert to inform and expand your research, practice and understanding.

+ Entrance Fees

Local entrances at certain protected areas are covered per participant to further support the collective of indigenous communities of the Atacama Desert in their autonomy and independence, alongside the protection of their culture and land. Our financial support is used for legal representation against corporate interd environmental destruction.

+ Showcase

Opportunities to apply to showcase works internationally with LWC made through the project, through our online platform and in exhibitions reaching intl. audiences.

+ Library and Archives

Access a range of material inc. text, articles, books, music and films related to the project themes, local environment + culture in our curated transportable library and archives with contributions from previous participants, artists, researchers + local collaborators.

+ Funding Support

We offer support to participants without the means to support themselves privately to apply for further funds, after being accepted onto the program. This includes providing comprehensive lists of intl. funders, checking through applications, offering advice based on experience with previous successful applicants, supporting letters, documents + information. Previous funders include Arts Council's in UK, Australia, Scandinavia and more.


Fees + Financial Aid:

We currently offer financial aid, support in seeking funding from other institutions, work-exchange opportunities and bursaries on all our programs. Our aim is to make this residency accessible for all those who wish to take part. Contact us directly for fees, to find out what aid is currently available and what you may be eligible for.

How to Apply:

Fill out all information on the Online Application Form including personal information, selection of dates + location. Tell us why you want to join us in your ‘statement of intent’ and fill out our scenario based questions.

If you are applying for financial aid please check the appropriate box on the application form.

For applications of more than 1 person an individual can fill out one application on behalf of the group.

(Zero Application Fees)

To help fund your experience view our past supporters.


Request our PDF for residency program information with more details on the latest expedition itineraries, research trips, talks and other curated activities.