This is a unique opportunity to live inside and together with a remote indigenous community isolated in wild natural environments. Due to the extremity of the place we ask scenario based questions to see how applicants will react to situations, find out if this project is suited for them and that they will get the best from it. 

This an incredibly enriching opportunity to remain open and learn from a community living in connection with the natural world entirely, spiritually and daily and to create long-term cultural bridges, awareness and inspire shifts in perspectives personally, as well as for future bodies of work and creative practice. We accept applications written in English and Spanish.

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You have specific dietary requirements, tastes or choices that are not able to be met due to the remoteness and extremity of this location. With limited variety of resources, based on season we must eat and appreciate what food is given to us and realise that dietary choices are a luxury in these places. How have you before had to deal and adapt personally when faced with limited choices in produce to remain happy? What traits in your personality will ensure us that you have the capacity to understand the local context, enjoy and appreciate cooking and eating as locals do?
A big part of the experience will be living communally, sharing space and life as a group of international creatives. What input would you contribute to the group dynamic, how will you balance your communal responsibilities with creative practice, and what do you find important values to be able to coexist in a cross-cultural, generational group?
You are faced with a culture entirely different from anything you know, your expectations are challenged and you are finding things different from your imagination prior to coming. The day to day immersion of being both surrounded by people and in a remote place is intense. You find it difficult to communicate with local people, there are celebrations and noise on days you want to sleep, animal noises or children are constantly wanting to play and enter your studio space. How do you think you would engage with the day to day reality of community life in an open and way? How would you actively show reciprocity, respect, kindness and trust to local people when invited into their community?
You are living within the elements, only a bamboo or mud wall separates you from the wilderness; with no electricity and no internet. There are soil, dust, insects and animals (small birds, mice, roosters, dogs, cats, lizards) blurring the ‘indoor' and outdoor space and you are completely connected to nature. For the next few days programmed activities are cancelled due to extreme weather. You are stuck in one place in the community due to conditions of the location, forced to connect with yourself and challenge yourself creatively without a guided program. How would you benefit from this experience and how will you prepare to remain positive in a place dictated by the reality of an extreme environment?
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