La Wayaka Current is a nomadic arts residency & research project curated in connection to remote natural environments & indigenous knowledge. Working to develop new perspectives through creative practice and critical thought at a time of ecological and climatic crisis.

We work together with indigenous groups, communities and individuals living in remote parts of our planet in order to raise awareness, listen and learn from indigenous knowledge in natural environments.

+ Residency Programs

We invite intl. participants to apply with projects to explore themes remotely in a multitude of ways, through fluid, experiential programs we have developed in desolate, expansive natural environments.

We are open to applications from interdisciplinary artists, researchers, writers, performers, curators, film makers, other creative, cultural, environmental or scientific practitioners to apply to join us remotely at Tropic, Arctic and Desert, research and develop projects over 21-42 days that engage in urgent and valuable debate, whilst presenting reciprocal benefits for local communities through our presence and exchange.

+ Exhibitions

Outcomes from the projects will be exhibited in cities worldwide to engage with global audiences, reflect and evoke transformative perspectives for the future. Participants who develop works with us will have the opportunity to exhibit with us in future exhibitions.

+ Fees + Financial Aid

We are a non-profit entity without direct funding, working within the limited means that we have. We have helped over 100 participants join us with additional funding worldwide. Our program fees are listed under each location and go towards sustaining the project and local communities involved, as well as the costs of all logistics and activities arranged for artists on site.

We wish to make this project accessible for all. Financial aid is currently available on all of our programs for those without the means to fund their travel privately. We also offer additional support schemes for finding funding, grant writing and offering work exchange as well as occasional fully funded places. Get in touch if you are interested in learning more about how to fund your experience.

+ Impact on location

We work over time with local, remote or indigenous communities, groups, organisations and individuals living together, building friendships and partnerships based on mutual respect. We always respect the wishes and requests of local communities and their leaders first, working together on their terms, as our guides and stewards of these lands and regions. We strongly support the rights and protection of indigenous lands around the globe. Our presence always strives to be non-invasive and low impact, both environmentally towards the local nature and towards the people and way of life within communities.

After spending years getting to know both leaders and people within the local communities we work with, we develop ways of collaborating together, offering both human and economic benefits that contribute to empowering people in indigenous or rural communities and spreading their messages globally. We listen, learn and exchange on equal grounds with mutual respect.

Our Mission

Since 2015, La Wayaka Current has orchestrated alternative residency programs in remote natural biomes across our planet from Northern Europe to Central & South America. Together with indigenous communities we live with the land building partnerships over time in order to curate our programs. We connect to the rich biodiversity, culture & ancestral knowledge of a place, in order to recognize and value these things in light of our present situation and ecological crisis.

Our aim is to investigate the potentials to form new perspectives through creative practice & critical thought. Whilst learning experientially from new environments we reconnect to ourselves, one another and the natural world in order to re-evaluate our current trajectory and future path.

+ Partners and Collaborators

We have instigated collaborations and partnerships worldwide in order to develop our programs around the local environment and culture. This includes exciting visits, talks, events + research trips to inform and inspire participants in their creative practice and personal journey.

Collaborators include The Sami Center for Contemporary Art, in the Norwegian Arctic who's focus on indigenous perspectives in Northern Europe and around the world. Guna Yala autonomous indigenous province in central america, the first indigenous group in Latin America to gain autonomy over their land and indigenous conservation groups in the area. Knowledgable locals from the Atacama Desert, living in the driest place on earth who protect their territory from destructive mining practices.

+ Organisers

La Wayaka Current is an artist-led project founded by Sofie Iversen and Victor Fernandez in 2015. We work together with indivisuals and communities across the globe to organize the residencies. Our programs are led by small teams consisting of arts, cultural practitioners with local knowledge, experience and professional backgrounds in arts, music, curation alongside local community collaborators with experience in cultural and environmental fields.

+ Supporters

Participants coming with La Wayaka Current have been granted funds from institutions worldwide. See more about the supporters who have funded artists to join us in the past here.

+ Get in touch

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We will aim to get back to you within 15-20 days.

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