LA WAYAKA CURRENT has made projects in natural biomes across the planet from Northern Norway to Central and South America, working in partnership with indigenous groups, organisations and individuals.

As the project moves we create channels for people to join, explore and connect to social, cultural and ecological themes through our:

  • Online Platform and Community

  • Exhibitions & Events

  • On the Ground Experiences / Residency

These channels strive to support and promote awareness of endangered natural environments around the globe alongside local communities whose invaluable knowledge, ancient cultural traditions, cosmology and contemporary practices and relationship to the natural world all provide alternative perspectives to the destructive patterns of economic and political structures in the west that have led to the environmental degradation of many areas.

Our Mission

La Wayaka Current is an artist-led initiative. Our main focus is to develop ways to engage people with environmental and philosophical questions of our time through self-reflection, arts and culture.

We are reacting to an increased loss of connection between humans and the natural world and the corresponding globalised socio-political and environmental problems that have arisen due to this distancing.

We are reconnecting to remote natural environments to develop new perspectives through site-responsive creative practice.


Since 2015, we have developed site-responsive projects across our planet, to transmit into public exhibitions.

Itinerant in our nature we lead expeditions for people to develop projects in vast natural environments. Here we develop fluid programs with local communities and partners, connecting to indigenous + ecological knowledge. We relate and connect to the daily life and reality of a place, to engage with relevant issues of our time.

We operate as a non-profit registered in England and Wales with company number 09802950.

+ Our On the Ground Programs

We invite intl. participants to apply with projects to explore themes remotely in a multitude of ways, through fluid, experiential programs we have developed in desolate, expansive natural environments.

We are open to applications from interdisciplinary artists, researchers, writers, performers, curators, film makers, other creative, cultural, environmental or scientific practitioners to apply to join us remotely at Tropic, Arctic and Desert, research and develop projects over 21-42 days that engage in urgent and valuable debate, whilst presenting reciprocal benefits for local communities through our presence and exchange.

+ Exhibitions

We will exhibit the project in cities worldwide to engage with global audiences, reflect and evoke transformative perspectives for the future. Our next exhibition will be held at Guest Projects in London, July 21 - August 9 2018 involving intl. artists with interdisciplinary works developed 08°N, 70°N + 23°S, alongside a free events program for the public. Participants who develop works with us will have the opportunity to exhibit with us in future exhibitions.

+ Fees + Financial Aid

We are a non-profit entity and participants have joined us with the support of public and private funding worldwide. Program fees are listed under each location and go towards sustaining the project, supporting the participants to develop work and local communities involved. Financial aid is now available on each of our programs.

Feel free to apply or contact us with any questions if you are interested in joining us we would love to hear from you!

+ Impact on location

LWC operates within traditional territories and works side by side with indigenous groups. It is an honour to connect to the land and people within their place and we are forever grateful to members of the indigenous groups who have hosted us within their communities these past years.

We hope to continue to share and to grow the relationships and connections built here for as long they wish. We promise to respect the lands and communities, and to continue work in mutual respect, honouring the traditions and cultural heritage, strongly supporting the rights and protection of indigenous lands within Chile and Latin America.

We will continue to strive to generate respectful, in-person relationships with indigenous representatives, community members, knowledgable elders, and the everyday families within our neighbouring communities who carry their culture into the future. The history of colonialism within the areas LWC works is as much a part of this experience as any other element, and deserves to be acknowledged and respected by all those who visit with us.

Our presence is always non-invasive and low impact, both environmentally towards the local nature and towards the people and way of life within communities.

After spending time and getting to know leaders and people within the local communities we work with, we develop ways of collaborating together, offering both human and economic benefits that contribute to empowering people in indigenous + rural communities and spread their messages globally. We listen, learn and exchange on equal grounds with mutual respect.

+ Partners

We have instigated collaborations and partnerships worldwide in order to develop our programs around the local environment and culture. This includes exciting visits, talks, events + research trips to inform and inspire participants in their creative practice and personal journey.

Collaborators include The Sami Center for Contemporary Art, in the Norwegian Arctic who's focus on indigenous perspectives in Northern Europe and around the world. Guna Yala autonomous indigenous province in central america, the first indigenous group in Latin America to gain autonomy over their land and indigenous conservation groups in the area. Knowledgable locals from the Atacama Desertliving in the driest place on earth who withhold specialist indigenous knowledge about the natural world and protect their territory from destructive, corporate interest. ALMA observatory who due to the dry conditions of the desert were able to create the worlds largest radio telescope using advanced science and technology to conduct research in search for our cosmic origins.

+ Organisers

La Wayaka Current was founded by a south-american/european duo Victor Fernandez & Sofie Iversen who work with multi-disciplinary arts, sound + music and are inspired by wild natural environments whilst believing in the importance of engaging with crucial issues of our time.

Our site-specific programs are led by small teams consisting of arts, cultural practitioners with local knowledge, experience and professional backgrounds in arts, music, curation alongside local community collaborators with experience in cultural and environmental fields.

+ Supporters

We offer participants who may not have the means to support themselves support in applying for further funds to support their experience with us internationally. We are deeply grateful to all of those who have given support to participants and our project to enable us to carry out our work. Read more about past supporters and resources to help you fund your experience with us here.

+ Get in touch

Please feel free to mail us at

We are currently accepting applications for proposals to join us + develop exciting new projects at at our remote bases in 2018 + 2019. Just fill out our online application form if you would like to develop a project and join us on one of our upcoming programs.

Get in contact with us for more information about getting involved or to evaluate the feasibility of developing a project together with us! Follow us on facebook, instagram or sign up to our mailing list for latest news, deadlines + updates below!