Terms and Conditions

  • La Wayaka Current are committed to offering you a safe and enriching experience that supports you in achieving your self-directed artistic and creative projects aims. We commit to provide you with a standard level of accommodation, shared with other artists of the group, food supplies for communal cooking (3 meals a day), communal and outdoor space for working. All things mentioned above differ at each location depending on local standards, environment, climate, community and customs.


what We commit to provide

  • Environment - beautiful and remote geographical locations
  • The opportunity to be part of a dynamic group of other artists
  • Accommodation in remote natural landscapes w/ shared expedition rustic living arrangements. *limited electricity and little to no internet
  • Food Supplies for communal cooking (3 meals a day) in these remote locations we have limited resources so it will be expedition style / basic food.
  • Transport local pick up and drop off (from nearest airport or harbour that we state, on day set residency starts and ends)
  • Workspace - communal and outdoor. Artists should find it an interesting concept to work outdoors within the landscape, challenge their practice and create site specific work using limited tools and resources / what is available.
  • Introduction to artists on arrival.
  • There will be 1-2 La Wayaka Current project overseers at each location to oversee the project, assist with certain logistics to do with the project or give advice.

Accepted artists

  • If you are accepted to join us at a location, you will need to pay a 20 % deposit of the up to date cost, to secure your place. Through paying the deposit to secure your place on the residency you are also complying to our terms and conditions. Please read carefully.


  • The 20% deposit is none refundable. Your spot on the residency is not guaranteed unless you have paid the deposit to secure your place. This deposit only secures your place until the deadline for paying the remaining amount (90 days before the start date of your residency) after this only paying the remaining amount can guarantee you a place.


  • If you want to change your place before 90 days of the start date of your residency, you can change the dates of your residency - only if there is availability which we cannot guarantee. The charge to change will be 10% of the residency full cost. After 90 days any changes will be seen as cancellations and you will have to rearrange a new residency. See below for cancellations policies



  • If you cancel after 90 days before your residency starts you will not be refunded. In case of emergency you are responsible and your travel insurance should cover the costs. Only if we are able to find another artist at short notice to fill your place - which is not guaranteed, we will give you the option to rearrange your residency with us for the future depending on availability. The charge to rearrange your residency after 90 days will be 20% of the total cost only if we are able to fill the spot. The reason we do this is because there are a lot of logistics to run at our remote locations, we need time to plan in advance as we have a limited number of places.



  • We will take all measures possible to ensure the safety of participants joining us during our residency, but ultimately you are responsible for your own safety and decisions at the residency location. This includes you making personal decisions to use tools, take part in activities such as swimming, hiking and going on boat trips. You must have your own travel insurance and we cannot be held accountable for any of your actions or their consequences. You must acknowledge the locations we work in are remote and wild and can have risks, we cannot be held accountable for any accidents or injuries that may happen during your time with us.


  • With respect to the well-being and safety of the communities we work with, the artist group and the team of La Wayaka Current: We reserve the right to cancel a participants residency and remove this participant, before or during the residency, without refund if we determine that the participant may jeopardise or put at risk anyone involved in or the core values of the project.


Photography, film and other projects

  • If working with photography or film you must understand and be respectful towards the community and their wishes. By joining us on this residency it does not guarantee that you can film and photograph anything or anyone you wish. It will depend on the community and their regulations or willingness to work with you as an individual. Do not assume or expect locals will participate and act in projects or wish to be filmed, recorded or documented during their daily lives or at sacred and spiritual ceremonial activities. Again It will depend on the community and their regulations or willingness to work with you as an individual.


  • As a participant in our program we do not ask to receive an artwork and you are the owner of whatever you produce during your time with us. We do ask for material and permission to promote the artists project made on the residency with us through our online platform and potential future exhibitions. We also insist that you respect the local communities and do not use any image or film of them in an exploitative manner or for commercial gain without considering those involved.



  • All activities may be subject to change or cancellation based on weather or local events and activities.
  • Specific location and accommodation may be subject to change within the contexts of the locations theme ie. Tropic, Arctic and Desert as the project develops, however the residencies core elements will remain the same.
  • As we create temporal, non-invasive projects we expect artists to be responsible when creating work and leave the base clean and tidy. This means responsible deinstallation of work, shipping or disposal of your work, unless agreed by the community that it will remain permanently. Artists must consider and act responsibly in how their presence effects the local community and environment and not leave any debris or waste.
  • We will be photographing and filming parts of the residency, this material will be used to promote the artists and the project through our media platforms and potential future exhibitions.


Tropic Specific rules of the guna yala AUTONOMOUS REGION in regards to film / photography

  • At Tropic the Guna indigenous group we will be working with have special rules and requirements for projects with commercial gain that involves profit. This is in order to protect their culture and you will need to consider this if you plan to exhibit, publish or sell any of your images/ film from here. You will have to acquire special permission independently from the Tribal General Congress of Guna Yala, Panama. For any work of this nature you will also have to ask permission from the individuals involved and respect what the community decide is appropriate to film or photograph. An exchange might be involved in some cases or people can refuse. Cameras are restricted from most sacred places, for documenting spiritual objects and during ceremonies. You must respect their wishes, beliefs and traditions.


  • At Tropic, La Wayaka Current is working with permission from The General Tribal Congress of Guna Yala, Panama and the Sailas 'spiritual elders' and leaders of the community. We will be living under the rules of the community, as in any other country where they have their own rules or requirements. If you are found disrespecting the rules of the community or the comarca, doing something wrong in secret we will not be held accountable and you will be responsible as an individual - this could involve a fine, asking you to delete any material or even leave the location.