La Wayaka Current is an artist-led initiative. We investigate new ecological perspectives, using creative practice as a tool to take action, express repressions within society and explore the complexities of our global age. Creating dialogues, awareness and change. 


We work together with indigenous communities, at remote natural environments across our planet, to learn, and work together to raise awareness on a global platform in light of the socio-political, economic and climatic crisis of our time. The word ‘wayak’ comes from a mother language of the Americas, killed by colonisers. It refers to a realm of dreams and magic, a place that community healers would access through deep ties to nature. We want to go beyond what we know, connecting with cultures who maintain invaluable, ancient knowledge, that was, and is, being lost and oppressed. We wish to learn from this knowledge, to form new perspectives and spread it afar. Moving forward into a future of care, respect and co-existence.


In our current societies, we are ignoring the importance of the natural world and the fact that we are a part of it. A living, breathing ecological system that we are not in control of and cannot comprehend. One that demands our respect. This respect and awareness, at a deeper level, has evidently been lost. We are left with superficial ‘caring’ whilst allowing our leaders commit ecocide and genocide on a global scale. We are the generation to witness the sixth mass extinction, to see the Amazon rainforests burn to ashes, to sit back as glaciers melt and entire communities get washed away by rising sea levels across the globe, whilst still drilling for oil. We are left powerless, addicted to screens, in a digital era, while the Atacama Desert dries out from the water-intensive extraction of lithium mining, to power future electronic devices. We are depressed, disconnected to ourselves, each-other and the environments around us and barely speaking up for what is happening.

Indigenous communities, individuals and grass-roots environmental activists around the globe, are being killed by giant trans-national industries that lead our global economies, for what they believe in. Extreme, de-regulated, capitalism or 'neoliberalism’, is our ages form of colonialism. With the same violence, greed, and disregard for the lives of others, at it’s core, and with nowhere near enough opposition. We must start to listen and learn from indigenous peoples, where invaluable knowledge and a deeper understanding and respect for the earth still remains. Who know first hand of the violence and destruction being caused. Who understand the importance to fight back, even when they have nothing. We wish to learn from those living the most low impact lives on the planet, protecting Mother Earth through their culture and beliefs, and taking care of one another on a grand scale through their political structures, activism and community organisations. It’s time to wake up, join together, and fight for the future of this planet.