We operate within traditional territories and work side by side with indigenous groups. It is always an honor for us to be able to build connections to the land and people at each location. We are forever grateful to members of the indigenous groups who have accepted us amongst their communities, families and homes. We hope to continue to share and grow the relationships we have built for as long they wish. We promise to respect the lands and communities we work in and to continue to work in mutual respect, honoring traditions and cultural heritage whilst strongly supporting the rights and protection of indigenous lands across the globe.

We will continue to generate respectful, in-person relationships with indigenous representatives, community members, knowledgable elders, and everyday families within our neighboring communities who carry their culture´s knowledge into the future.

The history of colonialism within the areas we works is as much a part of this experience as any other element, and deserves to be acknowledged and respected by all those who visit with us.

Our presence is always non-invasive and low impact, both environmentally towards the local nature and towards the people and way of daily life within communities.

After spending time and getting to know leaders and people within local communities we develop ways of collaborating together, offering both human and economic benefits that contribute to empowering people in indigenous and rural communities while spreading their urgent messages further afield. We listen, learn and exchange on equal grounds with mutual respect.

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