Art and Ecology Residency


La Wayaka Current arts organisation (founded 2015) enables arts and cultural projects dedicated to ecology and community to develop through connections to remote environments on our planet. We do this in collaboration with indigenous & rural groups who live in touch with nature  and operate from North of the Arctic Circle to Southern America.


About La Wayaka Current

La Wayaka Current was founded in 2015 and has since grown to provide an essential link to remote nature and cultures. We are an artist-led organisation with social, environmental and political concerns. Our work manifests in arts & cultural projects, text, remote in-residence programs and research projects at multiple locations, collaborations, interdisciplinary works and international exhibitions with events programs for the public.


This has become vital given the pressing issues the planet is now facing. Through partnerships with remote communities living in close connection to nature, projects are developed to re-evaluate current ways of living, expand awareness and create necessary dialogues between these remote locations to others in the world.

With the temporal bases we have set up in Europe, South and Central America - Tropic 8 ° N, Desert 23 ° S & Arctic 78 ° N we open applications for international, emerging to established artists & creative practitioners, as well as professionals in other fields such as science, engineering etc. to come together and develop projects that relate to these concerns in a multitude of ways.