WENONA MATTHEWS (b. Australia) is a visual artist based in Australia. Matthews was an artist in residence during EXPEDITION 8 - La Wayaka Current / Arctic Location.

"During the Arctic residency I would like to work on small drawings as response to the landscape and develop a series of stories. I would like to focus on the process of ritual and reciprocity with nature through the story telling and relationships the indigenous people have with the animals while also expressing a response to the local environment through my own ritual relationship. I would also like to open the potential to translate these stories into something more dimensional through the inclusion of embroiders cotton into the drawing and anticipate the potential for understanding or viewing the local sewing practices to weave this into the stories somehow." - Wenona Matthews

Matthews has an MA in visual arts majoring in Sculpture from The National Art School, Sydney, Australia. After this she went on to complete a Masters of Art and Curating from the University of Sydney. For the past six years she has been studying and practicing traditional healing in South America with intensive periods living and performing rituals within the Amazon Rainforest and for over 10 years she has been dedicated to studying esoteric and ritual practices of healing and majick. Matthews is currently studying Art Therapy as a means of understanding the symbolic nature expressed by the psyche through art in order to bring wellbeing and equilibrium to the human mind and soul. Her latest artistic practice has culminated in drawings around mythology, symbolism and storytelling. 



As part of her residency, Wenona began to embroid onto a large canvas using her experiences of the location, culture and landscape as inspiration. Matthews also worked extensively outdoors with the land and built an alter in the location below the nearby mountain. Below are photographs from her experience and documentation of the installation by La Wayaka Current.