We are an artist-led project with social, environmental and political concerns based in and creating works in remote locations with rural and indigenous communities. We are exploring from new perspectives socio and political themes of these locations including local and indigenous narratives, history, knowledge, biology and environment and humans search for identity and their place in nature in our contemporary world.

Through this project we produce works of sculpture, installation, drawing, photography, music and sound along with presenting documentation of the live project taking place. La Wayaka Current have both an online platform and create public exhibitions of these works, while supporting and promoting messages of environmental conservation, climate change, indigenous culture and knowledge through exchange and discussion.


Artist-in-Residence Opportunities with La Wayaka Current

Artists are invited to apply to our unique artist-in-residence programs that have been developed at each location. We currently have three environments where we work that span from Tropic 9 ° N to Arctic 78 ° N to Desert 23 ° S.

Here artists can work on projects here in self-directed ways in the incredible natural environments while learning from unique communities and isolated cultures. We provide the full set up and opportunity to work in a nurturing setting in these remote and extreme environments. All participating artists will have the chance to exhibit works made with us in the future. Our next exhibition will be in London, UK July 12 - August 10 2018.

Artists can apply with individual or group proposals that are considered by the La Wayaka Current panel that can include invited artists or local community members.

Artists are responsible in seeking their own funding and covering their travel costs, we offer artists to come at a subsidised cost and give full support to them in funding applications. We are a non-profit, arts organisation working in indigenous territories. The residency costs also support the project, the local communities we work with and local conservation projects.

Through our residency we hope to provide artists with a different outlook and a meaningful opportunity for professional and creative development in this unique context. 






This project began on an isolated desert island in a remote location 8 ° N of the equator. Surrounded by sea with little else but sand, palm trees and coconuts it was both surreal and refreshing compared to the fast pace and materialistic world of today. Here in the indigenous, autonomous and protected region of Guna Yala - a remote place on the frontier between Colombia and Panama we began to develop the ideas that began La Wayaka Current.

La Wayaka Current seeks to explore the development of creative projects in remote environments, while learning and collaborating with remote indigenous groups and presenting the project to the rest of the world. We currently have set up bases for this in Tropic 8 N, Arctic 78 N and Desert 23 S with Guna, Sámi and Atacameño indigenous community members. Since April 2016 we have been running Artist-in-Residence programs helping artists to receive support internationally including from Office for Contemporary Art Norway,  Danish Arts Council, Swedish Film Institute, CIID, Cyprus Ministry of Culture, Australia's Council for the Arts, Arts Council UK and Wales.





Marina Camano

"La Wayaka Current was one of the best experiences I have been through. It made an impact on me in a lot of senses, not only in my writing but in the way I actually live." - Marina Camano (Bs. Aires, Argentina)



Our Mission...

We want to built connections and work together with communities living in remote areas. We also want to show artists the intimate worlds we have encountered that still exist. We feel indigenous cultures have invaluable knowledge that is being forgotten and is thus promoted and supported through our work.

Artists that join us will learn about and live with different communities alongside precious natural environments that are currently being threatened by climate change worldwide. Artists will respond in different ways in order to create a network of collaboration, use art as a tool for research and expression. We do this in order to explore crucial and pressing contemporary issues.


Consequently we have been collaborating with the local people, schools and community in each place we visit.

Aside from our work with artists, through our project we have embarked on several environmental and social missions to make a larger impact in the areas we are working.

One of them, is that we have been developing a sustainable economy for isolated rural and indigenous communities. We believe this allows communities to make their own decisions and maintain their independence. 

Latest Arctic Expedition, 9 Artists, 78°N


Since launching our artist-in-residence programs we have arranged for over 100 international artists to work on projects at our three geographical bases.

Artists have also received funding and support from funding bodies such as The Arts Council UK,  Wales, Office of Contemporary Art Norway, Swedish Arts Council, Danish Kulturadet and Cyprus Ministry of Culture. We have worked not only with artists-in-residence but anthropologists, scientists, conservationists, musicians, journalists, teachers, film-makers and writers.