La Wayaka Currrent was founded in 2015 and has since grown to provide an essential link to remote nature and cultures. We are an artist-led organisation with social, environmental and political concerns. Our work manifests in arts & cultural projects, text, residence and research projects at multiple locations, collaborations, interdisciplinary works and international exhibitions.


This has become vital given the pressing issues the planet is now facing. Through partnerships with remote communities living in close connection to nature, projects are developed to re-evaluate modern ways of life, expand awareness and create necessary dialogues between these remote locations to others in the world.


With temporal bases we have set up in Europe, South and Central America - Tropic 8 ° N, Desert 23 ° S, & Arctic 78 ° N we open applications for international emerging to established artists as well as professionals in other fields, to develop projects that relate to these concerns in a multitude of ways.


Residence Opportunities with La Wayaka Current


We are inviting international, emerging to established arts and cultural practitioners, as well as researchers and professionals in other fields such as science, engineering, architecture etc. to create and develop projects relating to the themes and concerns we are exploring at our research bases - currently in Tropic 8 ° N, Arctic 78 ° N and Desert 23 ° S.

Here participants can work on projects in self-directed ways. Connecting with remote nature, learning from different cultures whilst connecting in deeper ways with themselves. 

Participants are able to work on projects in different ways depending on the location. From an indigenous and autonomous region in Central America to sub-arctic lands of Sápmi, Northern Europe or sheltered in oasis villages of the driest desert on earth in South America.

Whether it is together with communities living with ancient knowledge, culture and traditions at 8 ° N, or in isolated and harsh environments where humans have survived for thousands of years at 78 ° N or where world-class astronomers and archeologists coexisting with indigenous communities and campesinos at 23 ° S - Each place offers valuable things to learn about nature and humans at this present time, to reflect on the past and present in order to redirect a path for the future.







MAY - JULY 2018