VICTOR FERNANDEZ (Founder and Director, La Wayaka Current) born 1985. Venezuela is a Chilean-based musician and composer. His compositions use elements of Andean folklore with contemporary influences and he has trained in music production in London. His projects include La Wayaka Current as an ongoing work and project. Music Bands: 'Alasido', 'Hijos del Condor'.




SOFIE IVERSEN (Founder and Director, La Wayaka Current) born 1991. UK is a multidisciplinary artist. Her projects include La Wayaka Current as an ongoing work and project. Sofie recently graduated from Camberwell College of Art with a BFA Sculpture and before studied arts education in Oslo, Norway. 


Since co-founding La Wayaka Current together they have worked with over 70 participating artists and indigenous organisations internationally including the Tribal Congress of Guna Yala, Panama and The Sami Center for Contemporary Art.


Co Founders and Directors Sofie Iversen, Victor Fernandez

Website and Curation La Wayaka Current


La Wayaka Current is an multi-faceted arts project set up and curated by Sofie Iversen and Victor Fernandez.

La Wayaka Ltd. is a registered organisation operating as a social enterprise in order to carry out our work. Our services are oversees but we are registered in England and Wales with Companies House UK, company number - 09802950 and our registered address is 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9QJ, UK. 






IGNACIO CRESPO leading partner appointed by Tribal Congress of Guna Yala is a Guna biologist based in the autonomous region. Crespo has given extensive talks and lectures on his work with the native environment and work with endangered sea turtles. He has also spoken many times on culture and the traditional crafts of his home and region. As well as this he has acted as a representative for native Guna people appointed by the general congress in foreign activities, he one of the leaders in his community and studied veterinary science in Russia. Ignacio is currently working together to build a cultural exchange and project that benefits his community with La Wayaka Current in our tropic location.

NON-PROFIT / YAUG GALU (Collaborators at La Wayaka Current / Tropic Location) is a Non Profit Environmental Organisation that is centered around the protection of endangered leatherback sea turtles. They receive visitors to their community in order to raise fund for their program.



Sámi Dáiddaguovddáš / Samisk senter for Samtidskunst / Sámi Center for Contemporary Art – is a center for Sámi visual art and a profiled arena of contemporary expression. SDG present a year-round program of temporary exhibitions, international contemporary art with a particular focus on Sámi visual art. 

SDG began collaborating with La Wayaka Current for Arctic creating a two day research trip for participating artists, with workshops, exchange, tour of exhibitions and talks on Sami art to enable and empower encounters between Sami art and culture, and others from around the globe.




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