The Tropic, La Wayaka Current residency was a stimulating experience that allowed me to break through my conventional modes of working, giving me a new outlook on my practice. It was dream to live and work in such a beautiful environment and community. The Guna’s native knowledge, rituals, mythologies and general spirit has inspired and opened my heart. Thank you Sofie and Victor for showing me this incredible part of the world.

MISCHA DE STROUMILLO, UK (Artist, Photographer)


La Wayaka Current Tropic provides an extraordinary opportunity for artists to experience the embracing warmth of a traditional Guna Yala village, and the rich, abundant wildness of the bordering jungle. If you are willing to enter deeply into a profoundly inspiring shift of perspective, and to give yourself the opportunity for deep creative nourishment, this is the residency for you! The La Wayaka team are generous, intelligent, and highly sensitive to the needs of both the artists they support and the local community.

DEBORAH MIDDLETON, UK (Performer, Writer)


Do it. You will not regret it but be grateful for the rest of your life!

STELLA CRISTOFOLINI, Germany (Artist, Cultural Scientist)


I cannot recommend it enough. Both the community and those running the residency were amazing. The residency was unlike anything I have previously experienced and it was both brilliant, fun and excellent for me creatively. Make sure you bring lots of sun cream, a good waterproof and dry bag and be prepared to eat a lot of plantain.

JONATHAN HIGGINS, UK (Composer, Sound Artist)


My artist in residence experience was amazing and gave me opportunity to explore important issues and gain new perspectives on life. Meeting and living with the Guna community was a great honour and I gained many friends. I had the opportunity to share that experience with artists from different parts of the world, as well as with founders Sofie and Victor - who were always encouraging and making sure we were making the most of our time and sharing their knowledge.

ANNA TORRONEN, Sweden (Artist)


Working with La Wayaka in Armila was not only a life changing experience, it was inspiring in terms of the work that founders - Sofie and Victor do and the way in which they work with artists and the residents of Armila. They are knowledgeable, professional and supportive in their approach and their level of commitment to the projects and to working with the community of Armila is awesome.

CASH CLAY, UK (Performer, Actress)


I feel changed from my time at La Wayaka Current, my perspective on many things and my roll and purpose in the art community and with my work has certainly shifted.

TRYSTAN BATES, Argentina / USA (Artist & Curator)


I'm not sure there are even words to describe my fantastic experience in Armila, Panama with La Wayaka Current. The ability to spend a month in a gorgeous and inspiring environment and to dedicate time and energy to my art in a new way was life-changing. I learned a tremendous amount about myself, my art and the way I approach my work. I have been able to keep the momentum going since returning home, creating far better and more authentic work than ever before. The inspiration, the lessons I learned and the friendships I made will all stick with me for a long, long time and I can't thank Victor and Sofie enough for all their support. I would recommend their Artist Residencies to any Artist who is looking to get out of their comfort zone, to challenge themselves or to change their current trajectory.

MEGAN BENNETT, Canada (Artist)


It genuinely was the most amazing trip/place/experience I think I have ever experienced. The happiest and most enriching month.

ANOUSHA PAYNE, UK (Artist, Sculptor)


The sense of community in the Armila village goes beyond human socialisation.This community have integrated themselves in an environment where three different ecosystems meet. Jungle, river and sea. By living and working there among the community, also through the ceremonies I attended, I increased my own way of including and integrating new elements into my work as I was included and
integrated into the environment.

It is two months now that I am back from this residency and when I look behind, there is no single place in the world where I would have liked to be except this one!

I have acted there and definitely have been acted upon!
I would come back...

KARINE BLANCHE EMMANUEL SERROR, France / Vienna (Artist and Botanist)

It was a very significant experience for me. The days in Armila with the community allowed me to understand a little more of my own search as an artist, It changed a lot my way of working. Over all, the experience enriched myself as a person. I learned a lot from the people there and it was great to share the experience with people from different countries, backgrounds and ages. I always wish to go back.

PAULA TELLER, Argentina (Photographer, Journalist and Professor)


This experience opened up new direction and options in my conception of my own work and also in terms of my engagement with communities such as these on a global level. The aspect of social engagement that was included in this experience provided a rich learning atmosphere and opened up space for change and conversation between cultures that may seem far from one another from the outside.

ANNA STEWART, New York USA (Artist, Art Therapist)


It was such a different world it almost feels impossible to explain it. It was an epic adventure, and left me feeling like this world and the people in it are so extraordinarily beautiful.... We were 6 hours by boat from the nearest road, car or cell signal but we had everything we needed. We learned form the community everyday.

GRETA RYBUS, USA (Photographer)


La Wayaka Current was one of the best experiences I have been through and it actually made an impact on me in a lot of senses, not only in my writing but in the way I actually live. It was very hard for me to explain to all my friends and family. I usually tell them it was the best and the hardest thing I have ever done.

Being away, in a remote place, completely disconnected not only from the phone and the internet thing, but also it was place where you were free from all the things that surround you every day and somehow you think you need them or that they define you or contain you, with a false sense of security, material things, little pleasures like food, clothes, I don’t know.. everything. It was like a restart button kind of. Suddenly, you are there, in paradise, completely in touch with you, your art, nature. Not only I was able to connect with myself and my ideas, but it also made me realise how little you need to be happy, if you are where you want doing what you love. Amazing people that I met there, was a plus, of course. It was there that I found myself thinking OH MY GOD I want to be as happy as I am now, every single day of my life.

MARINA CAMANO, Argentina (Writer)


The residency experience at Armila, Panama, under the superb, relaxed, and caring guidance of Victor and Sofie was magical. We all felt connected and gently integrated into the daily life of the Gunas. Sofie and Victor were immensely thoughtful and helpful as they facilitated experiences, discussions, and side trips to learn more about the fascinating Place. Ignacio and Gladys were so generous with their time, the sharing of their culture, and the loving way they welcomed the artists into their home. I am in in the process of creating a body of work to celebrate this special experience and hope to go back.

TARA HOLL, USA (Artist, Painter)