La Wayaka Current / La Wayaka Ltd. is a registered organisation working in the arts and cultural sector and operating as a social enterprise in order to carry out our work. We do projects all over the world but we are registered in England and Wales with Companies House UK. Company Number - 09802950

Our registered address is 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9QJ, UK.

Before securing your place to participate in La Wayaka Current we encourage you to read our terms and conditions carefully, as they constitute a contract agreement between La Wayaka ltd. and you from the time your deposit is paid. When a successful applicant secures their (or their groups) place via deposit they accept these conditions on behalf of themselves and all the people in their group and they are responsible for all payments due.

By paying a deposit to secure your place you confirm to us that you comply with these arrangements.

Participation with La Wayaka Current is available only to persons aged 18 years and older. By securing your place with us, you warrant and confirm to us that you comply with these arrangements.



Tropic 2018.

La Wayaka Current are committed to offering you a safe and enriching experience that supports you in realising your self-directed project. 

The subsidised cost of the residency is currently valued at £1,200 GBP. Please see below what to expect in terms of inclusions and exclusions.

We DO Include: 

  • Reception in Puerto Obaldia Airport and transfer through a guided trek or charter boat. (depending on sea conditions) on set days / go and return.

  • Accommodation (basic, communal with shared rooms)

  • Food for communal cooking (3 meals a day) and water.

  • Communal Workspace - Artists should also find it an interesting concept to work outdoors, within the landscape, challenge their practice and create site specific work using limited tools and resources in the area.

  • Experienced team of project co-ordinators with local community members to oversee the project, guide and assist with certain logistics.

  • Research trips in surrounding area

  • Thematic Talks

  • Workshops and activities within the community

  • Taxes for Guna Yala - Parque National and Armila Local community

We DO NOT Include: 

Costs incurred en route to and from the destination, extra food/drink outside the times specified - breakfast, lunch and dinner, working materials, alcoholic beverages, phone calls, items of a personal nature, extra guides and personalised services in the community other than specified as being included.

Please note there is limited electricity and no internet at this location.

All programmed activities may be subject to change or cancellation based on weather, mechanical problems, problems in the community or local events and activities.

Specific location eg. accommodation may be subject to change within the contexts of the locations theme ie. Tropic, Arctic and Desert as the project develops, however the residencies core elements will remain the same.





Please note that all participants are required to pay a deposit of 20% of the total fees to secure their place with us. If you are accepted less than 90 days before your arrival date full payment is required as soon as possible.

Once you have secured your place via deposit, you will receive a confirmation and your place with us will be held safely until the deadline for paying (90 days before your arrival date.)

The deposit is 20% of the total fees and can be paid easily via the paypal link we send on acceptance. If you are accepted to participate less than 90 days before your arrival date, full payment is required as soon as possible.

If you prefer to pay your deposit with a bank transfer rather than paypal, please see our bank details on the email invoice.

The 20% deposit is none refundable. Your spot on the residency is not guaranteed unless you have paid the deposit to secure your place and can be given to another applicant. This deposit only secures your place until the deadline for paying the remaining amount (90 days before the start date of your residency) after this only paying the remaining amount can guarantee your place.

You will be informed by e-mail when you need to pay the final balance of your residency fees, 90 days before your arrival date.

You will need to make a national or international bank transfer to our UK bank account in GBP currency. You must cover all corresponding bank charges so we receive the net amount correctly.

All prices quoted are in GB Pounds (£) and per person, unless otherwise specified. All payments and refunds are due in Pounds. La Wayaka ltd. is not responsible for any changes in currency exchange rates that might occur from the time of applying until a final balance payment or in the case where a refund is made.



All rates quoted are based on current prices. La Wayaka ltd. reserves the right to alter or change already published prices on the website without notice in the event of currency fluctuation, local or government taxes, or any such costs increases that are outside of La Wayaka ltd.’s control.

La Wayaka ltd. reserves the right to alter routes, itineraries or arrival / departure times without prior notice should this be necessary due to weather, safety or other reasons that are beyond our control. Please notice that in the case of changes, the participant is responsible for any additional costs that become payable as a result of such changes.

eg. If an organised route on one of our trips is disrupted due to extreme weather conditions and transport can not run, participants are responsible to incur emergency costs related to that such as accommodation for that night, food etc. until returning to the base. (This should be covered by individual’s Travel Insurance)

If the residency is cancelled by La Wayaka ltd. or if our minimum numbers are not reached, we will refund you the amount you have paid. La Wayaka ltd. will then have no further liability towards you.

If the residency must be cancelled in an extreme case due to circumstances outside of our control, inc. force majeur, natural catastrophes, strikes or any other irregularities beyond the control of La Wayaka ltd. we will not be held accountable or issue refunds. (This too should be covered by individual’s Travel Insurance policy)



For cancellations on the participants side before or during the residency you will not be issued a refund.

For any changes before 90 calendar days before the scheduled arrival date you can change the dates of your residency to another group - only if there is availability (which we cannot guarantee). 

The charge to change will be a further 20% of the residency full cost and will be added to the invoice when you are due to pay the remaining amount 90 days before your new arrival date.

For changes after 90 calendar days before the scheduled arrival date you can only change if we are able to find another artist at short notice to fill your place (which is not guaranteed), we will give you the option to rearrange your residency with us for the future depending on availability. The charge to rearrange your residency after 90 days will be a further 20% of the total cost only if we are able to fill the spot which is unlikely at short notice due to the nature of this project.

If we cannot find another participant to fill your place this will be treated as a cancellation and you will not be refunded. If you want to rearrange a future residency with us it will be treated as a new residency, you will have to cover the full amount including securing your new place via 20% deposit and paying the remaining amount 90 calendar days before the scheduled arrival. You will not need to reapply within a year of your first application. 

Please note that changes may not be possible and will be down to availability.



All participants must acknowledge that the locations we work in are remote and wild and can have risks, we cannot be held accountable for any accidents or injuries that may happen during your time with us.

La Wayaka ltd. acts responsibly and safely and cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, accidents inc. serious accidents such as disability or death, sickness, or schedule changes that happen during a participants time with us. This includes those caused by weather or sea conditions, force majeur such as natural catastrophes, strikes or any other irregularities beyond the control of La Wayaka ltd. Luggage and possessions are at the owner's risk throughout the residency. We therefore advise all participants to have insurance. 

Participants should be aware they are joining at their own risk and must be accountable when choosing to take part in optional tours, activities, boat rides, swimming, hiking in the wilderness etc. 

All information on La Wayaka ltd. is subject to change and we reserve the right to update or correct any mistakes that may appear on our website. These general conditions are subject to change and we reserve the right to update these conditions without notice.

With respect to the well-being and safety of the group, the communities we work with, and the team of La Wayaka Current: We reserve the right to cancel a participants residency and remove this participant, before or during the residency, without refund if we determine that the participant may jeopardise or put at risk anyone else involved in the project. This includes to act aggressively or violently against others.



Please note that individual travel insurance is not included in our fees and all medical costs and other costs involved must be paid by the participant. 

It is a requirement for all participants to purchase comprehensive travel insurance prior to departure to meet any contingencies and forward us a copy of their insurance policy prior to arrival, in case of emergency.