Projects Desert

The following projects are a selection of many, that were developed in residence with La Wayaka Current at Desert 23°S in 2017.




Reyman developed work in November 2017 at La Wayaka Current - Desert 23°S informed by the environment and local indigenous culture. 

Here, Reyman developed ideas for on an artist book (for based on science fiction short story by Donna Harraway - The Camille Stories: Children of Compost. An amazing story about healing a damaged planet, merging humans with endangered spices of animal and plants to create a better understanding and care for our world. 

Reyman collected images of the natural landscape to make into sculptural works that will be shown with her work developed in Tropic at our exhibition in London 2018.

This project was supported by The Danish Arts Foundation.

Aleyda Rocha

Research and Data Exploration

Rocha conducted a series of intimate interviews in a small oasis community whilst with La Wayaka Current - Desert exploring the concept of home and how it is built by mobility, pride, education, shame, nature and transforms within time. These interviews were part of a two part project that was also conducted at Arctic 78°N.

The project will be exhibited at our next exhibition in London 2018.

This project was supported in part by CIID.






Ostrowska worked on a series of new projects at La Wayaka Current - Desert 23°S. They included developments of new performances informed by animals, nature and llamas camelids of the desert culture. Ostrowska also developed new photographic series including Halycon. Her works developed 23°S, will be exhibited at our upcoming exhibition and have been featured in phroom magazine - 


Hannah Rowan

Sculpture / Visual Art

Rowan researched the presence and absence of water in the Desert eco-system at our base 23°S, gaining a more in depth and direct understanding of the cultural, political, social and environmental consequence of resource depletion from Lithium mining and extraction from programmed talks and research trips. Rowan is interested in how touch screen devices entangle the rapidly shifting terrains of geology and technology; through which two seemingly different sets of spatial and temporal coordinates, the deep times of geology and the acerbating speeds of touch screen devices, become layered and imbedded. That the environment doesn’t just surround our medial cultural world, it runs through it.

Her research will inform new works for the RCA Sculpture degree show and at our upcoming exhibition in London in 2018.

This project was supported by Arts Council England.