Projects Arctic

The following projects are a selection of many, that were developed in residence with La Wayaka Current at Arctic 78° N between 2016-2017.

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Wendy Pye


Wendy developed a new body of work exploring the light, landscape and local mythologies of the arctic land through our remote research base on an island in the Norwegian Arctic. She also created a series sculptural works in the land using fire and natural materials. 

Her photo and video works will be shown at our upcoming exhibition in London 2018.

Olivia Kathigitis


Kathigitis developed new works with us at Arctic 78° N entitled Restless Sieidi - a new project informed by traditional Sami shaman rituals, ties to the land, biophilia and a helpless need for answers in the arctic environment and local cultures. She created sculptural works both imitating natural forms using constructed materials and found natural materials such as reindeer bone carved into symbolic objects fused with bronze.

Imitating the arctic landscape Restless Sieidi is the rebirth of shaman tradition. Pulling at the strings of biophilia,and looking back at the landscape for answers of peace for the future.



 Image Olivia Kathigitis

Image Olivia Kathigitis

 Image Amy Leung

Image Amy Leung

Amy Leung



Ryan Meyer


Meyer built two demarcated spaces with materials found on the island at Arctic 78° N. These contained spaces have interiors that can be accessed by crossing the entrance threshold. Participants were asked to not take electronic devices into the space with them so as to have fewer distractions from interior acts of imagination, meditation, deep listening, etc. These acts of rest are not efficient and produce no monetary value. The physical structure and the interior act forms a symbiotic relationship that serves as a small form of resistance against the manipulative and exploitative forces that seek to drain the mind, body, and soul. While inside a demarcated space the participant aims to be in a mental state at least partially removed from advertising, propaganda, surveillance, and monetarily productive work.