Desert 23°S

La Wayaka Curren's third project Desert 23°S, launched in October 2017. We have set up a base to engage in cultural and artistic projects in a remote ecological location, we are working in collaboration with Likan Antai Indigenous community members and some of the worlds biggest astronomy projects in the area.

The contents of the project is currently viewable as an online archive and will be exhibited publicly in July 2018.


Archive 2017 - Present.

2017 Desert 23°S 1 (Oct-Dec)


pt. 1


pt. 2




PARTICIPANTS / ARTISTS-IN-RESIDENCE:  PT 1. Hartwick Hanson, Hanna Mattes, Linn Hoseth, Mira Andres, Alisa Tanaka-King, Aleyda Rocha, Eduardo Munoz.

PT 2. Annie Grove White, Camilla reyman, Hannah Rowan, Jasa Mrevlje-Pollak, Aleyda Rocha, Eva Ostrowska, Francesca De Luca, Constance Walsh.

FOCUS: community, meteorology, astronomy, textiles, symbols, mythology, ecology, anthropology, farming, cosmology, indigenous issues, indigenous knowledge, botanic medicine, plants, animals, costume, ceremony, lithium, mining, human intervention, globalisation, anthropocene, water issues, water rights, collectiveness, climate change, spirituality. DISCIPLINES: visual arts, theatre, gastronomy, performance, writing, photography, sound, composition, music. NATIONALITIES: Mexico, UK, Germany, Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Chile, Wales, Denmark, Slovenia, France. SUPPORT: ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND, Arts Council Wales, Danish Arts Foundation, CIID, Ministry of Culture Slovenia.