Photos by Greta Rybus

OURANIA GAVRIEL (b.1981 Cyprus) is a visual artist based in Cyprus. Gavriel was an artist in residence during EXPEDITION 1 - La Wayaka Current / Tropic Location.

"My main theme around my artwork has been absence-existence, the material and the immaterial being contradictory notions as well as binding concepts of unity. I believe that our need to have things visually confirmed is a strength and a weaknesses that can prove to be a very interesting never-ending dialogue of the human condition within the fluidity of these contemporary times that we live in.

I will bring with me a digital camera and a manual SLR camera with a lot of film to capture moments of time on the island with photos that I may use when developed to extend the project combining image with matter, earth, water, fire e.t.c I am not sure what else I will need as I will leave myself free to create whilst I am there. I will let the island and the environment guide me towards what kind of artwork I will create. I am aiming to create using what the location has to offer. 

My aim within this work is to give out the idea that we live on through the memories of our actions throughout life, leaving in this way an imprint on society as the physical form becomes a mere shadow, a spirit that will never completely fade away." - Ourania Gavriel

Gavriel studied Fine Art at UWE Bristol UK where she graduated with first class honours, she then continued to a Masters degree and moved back to Cyprus to work on an Art and Design foundation course as a senior lecturer for 8 years and resigned last June. During these years she has traveled to India, China and Europe and taken part in group exhibitions in the UK, Greece and Cyprus.




As part of her residency, Gavriel worked with the natural materials alongside her analogue photography work within the community. Part of her project meant bringing with her cut out images found online with a google image search of the Guna people. Ourania searched for anyone in the villages that might recognise a face in the collection to track down the individuals, and she even had some success! Below are a series of photos fellow artist in residence Greta Rybus took of her work exhibited in the location to the neighbouring community, village elders and local school.