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La Wayaka Current is dedicated to working in partnership and with special permission from The General Tribal Congress of Guna Yala, Panama and the Sailas 'spiritual elders’ of Armila community, for this project. We will be living under the guidance of their community and traditions and knowledge of this region.

To show our continuing commitment and respect to the local culture and community we:

  • Follow all local laws and regulations in place

  • Aim at being exemplary with regard to cultural awareness and respect.

  • Aim at constantly increasing the connection and understanding of cultural, local knowledge and awareness among our staff, groups and guides.

  • Respect rules regarding photo and film. 

  • Pay all our staff and local guides inc. for all local services fairly and in accordance to legal living wages.

  • Work in temporal, non-invasive ways and encourage participants to be responsible when creating work and connecting with the community at our base.

We monitor our community policy and continually review it as necessary.