LA WAYAKA CURRENT has built transformative, on the ground experiences designed for people who wish to develop and grow as individuals, learn through nature, connect with remote and indigenous communities and deeper with themselves. We cultivate spaces that nourish community and encourage free thought, inspiration and creativity in remote natural environments, far from structural or institutional frameworks. Through individual transformations and microcosms of sustainable communities, we investigate and strive to generate larger change in society. Our collaborators and partners are inspiring indigenous communities, organisations, communities and knowledgable individuals.

Between 2015- 2018 we will have made 19 successful and unique on the ground programs (21 days duration) across three locations. During this time we have welcomed 150 brave and creative individuals from international and cross disciplinary backgrounds, pursuing projects and research under the wide umbrella of ecological, social and cultural research in our global age.

Funds generated from our on the ground expeditions go to sustain the project, the workers involved and into the remote communities we share with, supporting infrastructure, community, outreach and conservation of remote places. We do our best to offer financial subsidies and fully funded places for people who do not have the means to join us and can offer advice on how to search for further financial support to fund their experience. Our remote work has gradually come to surface and been recognised and supported by international funders.