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Deborah Templeton, Writer + Performer

Project Overview

The Dreaming of Trees is a contemplative, meditative and ecological performance developed for forest locations by mexican ritual theatre director Nicolas Nunez in the ancient forests of Guna Yala Indigenous province. Written by Deborah Templeton, performed with Cash Clay + Domingo Adame.

Developed at our research base in June 2017 for a live, participatory forest performance subsequently performed in Mexico City, July 2017. The performance will now become an audio work (replacing actions from the live work with text) for our London exhibition in July 2018, as part of a project to explore contemplative audio performance as a new genre.

The work will continue to develop the themes explored in the live performance (interdependence, ecology, the arising nature of reality) but will go further in responding to the cultural and spiritual inspiration of the Guna communities, as experienced in 2017.

The development of this project was supported by Arts Council England and The British Council.



La Wayaka Current - Tropic 08°N provided an extraordinary opportunity to experience the embracing warmth of a traditional Guna village, and the rich, abundant wildness of the bordering jungle. If you are willing to enter deeply into a profoundly inspiring shift of perspective and to give yourself the opportunity for deep creative nourishment this is the residency to do so.

The co-ordinators are generous, intelligent and highly sensitive to the needs of both the artists they support and the local community. 

Anna Stewart, Artist / Art Therapist

The experience opened up many new directions and options in my conception of my own work and also in terms of my engagement with indigenous communities on a global level. The aspect of social engagement involved with the program provided a rich learning atmosphere and opened up space for change and conversation between cultures that may seem far from one another from the outside.



Anna Torronen, Artist

My artist-in-residence experience was amazing and gave me opportunity to explore important issues whilst gaining new perspectives on life. Meeting and living together with the Guna community was a great honour and I gained many friends. I had the opportunity to share the experience with artists from different parts of the world, as well as with the founding directors - who were always encouraging, making sure we made the most of our time and sharing their knowledge.

Paula Teller, Photographer

It was a very significant experience for me. My days with the community allowed me to understand a little more of my own search as an artist, it changed a lot of my way of thinking and working. Overall the experience was very enriching. I learnt a lot from the people there and it was great to share this with people from different countries, backgrounds and ages. I always wish to return.

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Mischa De Stroumillo Artist in Residence

Mischa de Stroumillo, Artist + Photographer

La Wayaka Current - Tropic 08°N was a stimulating experience that allowed me to break through my conventional modes of working, giving me a new outlook on my practice. It was a dream to live and work in such a beautiful environment and community. The Guna's Native knowledge, rituals, mythologies and general spirit has inspired and opened my heart. I am grateful to have been shown this incredible part of our world.

Jonathan Higgins, Composer / Sound Artist

I cannot recommend this enough. Both the community and those running the residency were amazing. The experience was unlike anything I have previously experienced and it was both brilliant, fun and excellent for me creatively. Make sure to bring lots of suncream, a good waterproof and be prepared to eat a lot of plantain.

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Camilla Reyman, Artist

Project Overview

Reyman developed works between September - November 2016 in response to the local environment, rich ecological diversity and knowledge given to her through our connected program with the indigenous community. Her research explored consciousness of matter in nature and objects and the relationship between man and ecology.

Her works made from natural materials, partially from the region (dead coral, plant, natural pigment, clay) mixed with constructed materials were shown in a solo exhibition PAN at Galleri Jacob Bjørn in April 2017.

This project was supported by The Danish Arts Foundation.


I have attended both the tropic and the desert residencies. Its hard to explain the profound impact these residencies have had on my artistic practice and my way of thinking in general, all I know is that I would do it again in a hard beat, and I highly recommend going!


Anousha Payne, Artist

La Wayaka Current - Tropic 08°N genuinely was the most amazing trip, place and experience I think I have ever had. It was the happiest and most enriching time.

 Still from  Entrance to The End

Still from Entrance to The End

Maria Von Hausswolff + Ane Gry Friis Kristensen, Artist / Cinematographer + Sound Designer

Project Overview

In the art film Entrance to The End by Maria Von Hauswoolf + Ane Gry Friis Kristensen - a symphony of sounds, images and music drag the audience into an unknown, dark jungle, where rituals, ceremonies, death, mysticism and chaos rule.

The sound designer and cinematographer / artist duo worked on the film at the remote jungle environment base between Sep - Oct 2016 using analogue equipment. The script and scenes were informed by the location, connection to the community and effects / costumes made using local and natural materials. The film will be screened at our London exhibition in July 2018.

This project was supported by The Danish Arts Foundation and Swedish Film Institute.


La Wayaka Current’s residency in Guna Yala was a unique and unforgettable experience that we highly recommend to other open, adventurous and curious artists.