Hanna Mattes, Artist + Photographer

I thought I knew what I was getting into when applying to the Desert Residency of La Wayaka Current. I have travelled a lot in my life and I mainly work in remote places. I was attracted by the possibility to spend more time in one remote place instead of being on the road as I was used to. Admittedly, it was a challenge: the remoteness, the amount of time spent, the heat and dryness of the place. But it turned out to be an amazingly inspiring experience that I would not want to miss. Spending three weeks in the desert allowed me to let the environment really have an impact on me. Meeting the locals and learning about their history and culture, seeing the landscape change every day under the influence of the sun, the moon and the weather conditions was what inspired subject matters that I had not thought about before. 

The program is very well run: The organisation of every day life is smooth, communication with those co-ordinating is always pleasant and enriching, and the trips and meetings they arranged for us are what made the residency really worth while. Their project and the work they put into it humbles me. I am so happy to have done this!

Constance Walsh, Writer + Artist

The time I spent at Desert 23°S will be with me forever. It enlivened my practice, but also expanded my perspective of the world, of creative necessity, and of nature. It's easy when you live in an urban area, like I do in NYC, to feel removed from natural elements. But in the Atacama, we were immersed in the land and its magnetic desert energy.

The opportunities provided by La Wayaka Current allowed us to experience the essence of this area - learning from a medicine man about the indigenous cosmovision, how it correlates with the international space exploration work being done there by a cutting-edge team of researchers at the world's leading space exploratory, visiting the unforgettable ancient petroglyphs... I left with a renewed belief in art, in humanity, in my own vision, and in our connected human purpose to greet the pressing issues of our time. I left grateful, inspired, and reinvigorated.



Camilla Reyman, Artist

Project Overview

Reyman developed work in November 2017 at La Wayaka Current - Desert 23°S informed by the environment and local indigenous culture. 

Here, Reyman developed ideas for on an artist book (for http://lodretvandret.com/) based on science fiction short story by Donna Harraway - The Camille Stories: Children of Compost. An amazing story about healing a damaged planet, merging humans with endangered spices of animal and plants to create a better understanding and care for our world. 

Reyman collected images of the natural landscape to make into sculptural works that will be shown with her work developed in Tropic at our exhibition in London 2018.

This project was supported by The Danish Arts Foundation.


I have attended both the tropic and the desert residencies. Its hard to explain the profound impact these residencies have had on my artistic practice and my way of thinking in general, all I know is that I would do it again in a hard beat, and I highly recommend going!

Eva Ostrowska, Artist - Performance + Photography

Project Overview

Ostrowska worked on a series of new projects at La Wayaka Current - Desert 23°S. They included developments of new performances informed by animals, nature and llamas camelids of the desert culture. Ostrowska also developed new photographic series including Halycon. Her works developed 23°S, will be exhibited at our upcoming exhibition and have been featured in phroom magazine.


I found this residency absolutely amazing and incredible. It has been so inspiring for my work and I feel so lucky for such a beautiful life experience. The directors of La Wayaka Current made everything perfect. One thing I liked was their conscientious and very hard work to make that residency so unique and magical. It is such a life-time adventure. I would recommend this residency to every artist who loves to create and push their own artistic limits, who loves adventure into remote natural places, and who loves sharing and meeting with beautiful spirits. I am so grateful for the experience.


artist hannah rowan

Hannah Rowan, Artist

While in the Atacama Desert I was researching the presence and absence of water in the Desert eco-system. Through this experience I began to gain a more in depth and direct understanding of the cultural, political, social and environmental consequence of resource depletion from Lithium mining and extraction. I am specifically interested in how touch screen devices entangle the rapidly shifting terrains of geology and technology; through which two seemingly different sets of spatial and temporal coordinates, the deep times of geology and the acerbating speeds of touch screen devices, become layered and imbedded. That the environment doesn’t just surround our medial cultural world, it runs through it.

Francesca de Luca, Artist

An experience that will forever foster my relationship with the earth and the natural landscapes I am surrounded by. Very grateful for the opportunity and time I spent with amazing people in an 'overstimulating-in-the-best-way-possible' environment.