DILLON ANTHONY (b.1987 Canada) works with sound and photography. Anthony was an artist in residence during EXPEDITION 8 - La Wayaka Current / Arctic Location.

"My project will create music through an auditory and visual experience of the landscapes and people of the Arctic. The primary objective will be to create soundscapes geographically linked to the specific environments of each location through field recordings. This will be reinforced through still images of each scene. The artistic intent of this project is to inspire, educate, and to share Mother Nature’s voice as well as that of the inhabitants in this remarkable region.

As for the human element and anthropological study, I will be connecting with the local population from the perspective of an ethnomusicologist. Many of my previous works have been directly inspired through international travel and collaborations. Collecting stories, traditional folk songs, and interviews will be invaluable. 

As for the technical, I plan on using advanced recording techniques (parabolic microphones, binaural recording, spaced stereo arrays) and spending many hours capturing the existing naturalistic sounds. Collected interviews and songs may be used as part of, or the basis for new compositions. Whether it’s a collaborative re-interpretation of a traditional Nordic song, or using interviews/poetry/or spoken word within a composition, I look forward to integrating that influence into my music." - Dillon Anthony

Anthony is an alumni of Alumni of Berklee College of Music – Guitar Performance/Arranging, The Banff Centre – Audio Engineering Resident, Classical Recording Centre for Arts and Technology – Audio Engineering Multi-instrumentalist and is a multi instrumentalist in guitar, piano, pedal steel, banjo, dobro, accordion, bass, drums.

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As part of his residency, Dillon captured the sounds and stills of the landscape and his local environment. Part of this included hiking, making his own instruments from found objects and materials and connecting with the arctic musical traditions such as the Sami yoik and collaborating musically with the local school. Below are a series of photos Dillon took throughout his travels and a composition made with us at La Wayaka Current / Arctic Location.

Earlier this year, I was selected for an artist residency through La Wayaka Current and was tasked with recording a piece of music without traditional instruments.

I recorded this piece while living in a town of 70 people on the Arctic island of Sørøya, Norway.

Inspired by Norse mythology, Jörmungandr (sea serpent, child of Loki) was created by sounds from the Arctic environment. Everything from crashing ocean waves, wind sounds, and percussion on fishing equipment and oil drums.This piece represents the battle of man against beast, and draws a parallel to the looming presence of another such beast off the coast; the oil platform Goliat.
— Dillon Anthony