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ANNIE SHEPHERD (b.1986 USA) is a visual artist based in Brooklyn. Shepherd was an artist in residence during EXPEDITION 8 - La Wayaka Current / Arctic Location.

"As an artist I gather a large amount of inspiration from my surroundings and choose to make work that is an abstract interpretation of the landscape. I currently live and work in New York, the City that never sleeps, and if you want you can be a part of that hustle and bustle and I can definitely realise how large of an impact that setting can have on a person. I would love the opportunity to be submersed in quite the opposite environment than that I am typically surrounded by: that of the isolated, barren Arctic.

I would like to use this as a time to challenge myself, and focus in other materials. In particular I am interested in creating based around light, colour, pattern, the landscape, and how these variables may differ in this setting from other locations I have spent time at previously.

I plan to investigate the juxtaposition between science, mythology, and cultural traditions that are so special to this remote area. I aim to create both two and three dimensional works while a part of the project, as well as collect inspiration for a new body of glass work." - Annie Shepherd 

Shepherd's undergraduate education includes direction in glass studies at both Hastings College, Hastings, NE and Alfred University, Alfred, NY where she received her BFA. She has attended craft schools and residencies nationwide in various capacities including staff and as a scholarship recipient. Shepherd’s body of work reflects her interest in colour, pattern, and inspiration from her travels. Annie currently lives and works as a freelance glassblower in Brooklyn, NY. 

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As part of her residency, Shepherd studied the textures and landscapes of the area and constructed an experiential viewing device that traveled with her and allowed wearers to be fully encompassed in the landscape. Below are a series of photos La Wayaka Current took of the project throughout her travels.